Wednesday, 1 September 2021

It’s getting real.

  • Almost all the work on our current home is finished.
  • New hall, stairs and landing carpet to be fitted shortly.
  • Existing home goes on the market in a fortnight.
  • We viewed two potential new homes yesterday - one is a very strong contender.
  • The strong contender involves some compromise - mainly that it has a very small garden. But the layout is the best we’ve seen so far (although some structural work will still be needed).
  • We’ve raised (you have raised!) nearly £80k so far. We will apply every penny as wisely as we are able, to make the new home the best we can for Morgan & James.

The housing market normally picks up in September, so we may see some more possible homes entering the market. We are excited and apprehensive. Challenges include:

  • Finding a home that ticks even more boxes (if it exists).
  • Finding a buyer for our current home who is prepared to wait while we adapt the new one.
  • Managing the logistics around Morgan’s care during the day(s) of the move.

In other news, some more funding has been approved to increase the amount of care Morgan receives. We’re heading towards two-to-one care, 24/7, but we’re not there yet. With the increase, our wonderful care package team now need to find and train up staff to provide the funded cover - which is no small feat.

There are hurdles ahead, but with your love and support, we can face them head-on.