Friday, 7 May 2021

We launched the fundraising campaign yesterday, not at all knowing what to expect. We had set the target at £15,000, and that felt audacious. As I posted the links to social media, I was thinking something I’ve said to a few friends recently, as we discussed this idea: “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

What did I think would happen? I wasn’t sure, but in my heart of hearts, I thought maybe we’d raise a few thousand pounds, and that would be amazing.

Doubting Thomas.

At one point yesterday, I quipped, “I’m battered and bruised from how often I’ve fallen off my chair today.”

Just astonishing. Every gift, regardless of size, blew me away. I tried to thank every donor personally, as gifts came in but I couldn’t keep up. In less than a day, thanks to the kindness of people we know and people we don’t know (how is that even possible!), we had raised the full £15,000 and then some.

But more than that, people were telling us, “Be bold”, “Aim higher”! So this morning, with feelings I can’t even begin to describe, I’ve raised the target, setting it to an amount that expands our options significantly, to make this project happen. Will we meet that target? I have absolutely no idea. Yesterday I might have said “Not a chance!” Today I am humbled, thankful and ready to wait and see.

The last 16+ years of our boys’ lives have been quite a journey. Like many parents of children with special needs, we find this to be a rollercoaster. Without doubt, yesterday was one of the highs, beyond our wildest expectations. We are grateful to you and we are grateful to God who has sustained us throughout.

These two little words seem far too small for the occasion. And yet they are the truest thing we can say right now: thank you.

“Thank you” image courtesy of Marco Verch.

Joint video update: